Heal-thy By Sheebba Khanna

Fat loss without muscle loss

Heal-thy is weight loss company started in 2006 where our motive is to recommend healthy, home cooked food combinations which is based on one ‘s body type and which they have been eating since childhood .By doing so weightloss happens. Clients are helped to regulate their weight with sensible eating with the right foods at the right time and in right portions.


15% off* on 3 months package

20% off*  on yearly package

Our goal is to give sustainable  weight loss which lasts longer without having to give up the favourite foods which one wants to have.We also base our meals in a manner in which the nutriant  intake is really enhanced . With this lifestyle modification is able to avert many diseases in the long run.

Healthy By Sheebba Khanna

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Healthy By Sheeba Khanna

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